Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Things I Learned While Being Snowed In

Do you know what's awful about the days after being snowed in?

Having to put on real clothes.

I'm serious. From the moment I got home on Thursday afternoon until Sunday morning, I was wearing either sweatpants or pajamas. It was seriously depressing when I got up on Sunday to get to church to put on real clothes.

And yes... I did have the urge to bake this weekend if you can believe it. Even if it would have just been sticking pre-made cookie dough in the oven. Don't worry - I didn't bake. I was stuck in my apartment.

Why can't sweatpants be suitable church clothing? I mean... I'm the youth minister. No one should care what I wear. Besides, what would they do? Fire me?

Ah well.

Now, I am back in the office. I'm realizing I am moving in exactly 2 weeks from today, and I have a ton to do. You can't live in snowed-in land forever.

Unless you're a school in South East Missouri. Yes, schools are still closed today if you can believe it.

However, here are some things I learned while stuck in my apartment the last few days:

1) The Keurig is a glorious invention. Yes, I already knew this. But let me tell you - my Keurig has gotten more action in the last few days than it has in the year I've had it. I've been overdosing on coffee and hot chocolate like it's going out of style.

2) My dog is weird. Seriously, he's really weird. I tried to take him outside through the back so I could stand under my covered porch. He REFUSED to do anything. He kept running back inside. Then when I took him outside through the front - he was just fine. I really don't understand his logic. Basically, he's Paul Anka from Gilmore Girls.

3) Speaking of dogs. It's hard to play in the snow with your dog when your dog is tiny and hates snow. Yup. Bandit doesn't like the snow. He's getting used to it, but at first all he did was stand outside and shake. Which meant, no running around and playing for me. Unless I wanted to look like the crazy person who runs around in the snow by herself. Boo.

4) Soup and grilled cheese are the best snowed-in foods on the face of the planet. You can bet this is what I lived on beyond what could be made in my Keurig. For someone who never cooks without almost burning down her kitchen, I'm very proud of how I never ruined a single grilled cheese sandwich. Not once. You all should be proud of me too.

5) Having friendly neighbors is fantastic. On Saturday, my apartment complex finally shoveled the walkways from our doors to the parking lot. Which meant I could venture out and see if my car hadn't frozen over. However, one of my neighbors saw that since I was short, I would need help. So they came out and helped me to scrape and wipe off my car.

6) People from Southern California are worse about snow than people in  Missouri. Said neighbor who helped me was a college student from the OC. Poor guy. He didn't even own boots and had no idea what an ice scraper for a car was. Therefore, the native Chicago girl I am, tutored him in how to get ice and snow off of cars.

7) Having my old walker around is useful. I have this old walker I used to use back in the day when I was broken/recovering from being broken. It now helps me to cross icy parking lots. Even if it does make me feel like an old lady. Too bad I'm not as adorable as this little kid dressed up as an old lady:

8) When deciding to have a Harry Potter movie marathon, do so at the beginning of your snow days, not the end. It wasn't until Saturday which I realized it was the perfect time to marathon all 8 Harry Potter movies. Why I didn't figure this out on Thursday is beyond me. Needless to say, I haven't been able to watch all 8. Yet.

9) Christmas music must be played all all times. Always. I'm sorry, but if you chose to listen to anything else while snowed-in during December, I don't understand you. Unless you don't celebrate Christmas of course.

10) As fun as being snowed- in is, it's much more fun when you're snowed in with other people. It was really fun, don't get me wrong. I loved being able to cozy up on the couch and binge on everything. However, by Friday night I was crazy lonely. I'm an extrovert- why I thought being locked inside for 3 days alone was a good idea is beyond me. Next time there's going to be a snow storm, I'm inviting someone to crash at my place and enjoy it with me.

Also... I was going to put a funny GIF here. But when I was searching  for something that would fit, everything was super depressing and it made mew ant to give the entire Internet a hug.

So, did you all get snow too? Do you love getting snow, or do you hate it? What did you do this weekend?

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  1. We finally got snow in chicago yesterday. Just a couple of inches, nothing earth shattering. But, it was a mini snow day for me bc I have an ear infection and stayed in all day. It was nice watching the snow accumulate on the lawn :). And yes...Christmas music was playing all day, hehe

  2. It snowed a lot on friday which was nice because my company went to the christmas market that evening and the atmosphere was great. All the snow thawed until sunday though so no snow for me anymore :(

    I remember I was snowed in a couple of years back and it was so depressing after 4 or 5 days of only leaving the house to shovel tons of snow every few hours. And that's saying sth coming from an introvert like me :D

  3. the last time we got snowed in, we were at a house party and when we opened the door, there was over a foot of snow and no one could get anywhere. so we - all 24 of us - crashed at my friend's house. it was awesome and so much fun.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Ugh, I honestly hate snow. It doesn't stop our city from doing anything, really. Well at least in my world it doesn't. Snow or not, I am expected to be at work. I work in a restaurant and just because it snows doesn't mean I don't have to go to work. In fact, because it snows and people in the business world don't have to go to work, they go out to eat! So I guess snow is good for business, sometimes. It really depends on if the roads are terrible or not. Today it was bad for business because it was super snow and very slow. Oh well. I wish I could have snow days where I stay at home for days on end watching Harry Potter movies. My kind of bliss.

    1. Haha, I'm originally from Chicago. So I understand! I'm used to everything staying open and life keeps going. But here - the whole town shut down! There were businesses that closed because no one could get out of their houses! They don't have the same type of plowing system that I'm used to. Generally, I only really like snow at Christmas. If I had things my way, we would have snow in December and then we'd go right to spring or go back to fall. lol But the way I see it, if it's going to be cold... might as well look pretty, right?

  5. This is so cute :) It hasn't snowed here this year, which is not unusual (eastern NC, hello). If it does, we are the ones who shut down. We lived in CO for a while and while I thought the snow was pretty, I did NOT like driving in it. So I like snow if a) it's Christmas or b) I get to stay home.

    Your dog is funny! Mine LOVE snow (we got them while in CO) but one of them dislikes rain- he will walk out onto the porch, and if it's raining he turns right around to come inside :-p

  6. Mmm grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best snow day meal! I had it for dinner Sunday night when it snowed here. :) My dogs don't seem to mind the snow, unless it's a foot and then they get lost in it, haha!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. I AM THE WORST AT MAKING GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES. I burn the outside of the bread, while at the same time, leaving the inside not even melted at all.


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