Thursday, April 4, 2013

This Week

So... I've been a bit MIA this week. With Easter this past weekend and going to Chicago to help my sister shop for her wedding dress, I've been a bit busy. And tired.

Mostly tired.

And lazy.

However, I did make these two videos on my drive back down to Missouri on Tuesday. It's basically just a little recap of what I'll be doing in April. You can watch them below, or you can click these YouTube links to watch.

Later this week I (hopefully) will have actual blog posts about things I fail at, a late post about my favorite things in March, and wedding dress shopping with my sister.



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    1. Seriously? That's awesome! Thanks!!!! This totally made my day! :D

  2. Loved your video blog!!! I was so happy to see you this past weekend :-). Good luck with your writing. I always loved reading the beginning stages of your Snow White novel in high school.


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