Monday, February 21, 2011

Nuns With Guns

Sometimes, I do my fair amount of complaining about my job and working all of the time.

Then there are other times... it's AMAZING. 

This past weekend, PM2 and I took 3 high school youth to Peer Ministry Training where we spent the weekend hanging out with other churches & youth leaders, learning how to care for other people, came closer to God, and shared our hearts.

I love all of my PMTers! You all were amazing this weekend and I can't wait to see how God uses you!

Note to people who comment: OK, usually I don't have issues with people who comment. But now I have and I just want to address it now.  I LOVE your comments. They make my heart smile. However, if you are commenting on something that is NOT my blog, or have something rude to say, I'm willing to hear it. HOWEVER please email me at If you want to continue conversation or want to talk to me personally, please email me at that address. Thank you!


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  2. What lovely pictures to tell a heartwarming story!

    Sounds like an amazing day!


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