Saturday, February 12, 2011


Confession time. 

From Glee's "Funk" episode.
I've been in a funk, and I feel like this week and the last few days it's hit it's peak. I had a really rough week this week. Last night I unloaded on a couple of people, and it made me feel better. One of them was my mom and in response she just said "That's too much for one person to handle." Thursday I was talking to one of my DCE friends and we mentioned how every month when I see her I always have some crazy story to tell her of my life in Cape. There's always SOMETHING going on. She said I should write a book about it.

It's made me tired. I feel like I'm exhausted all the time. Do you ever think "God . . . just what ARE you doing? Because I don't see it."Then He turns things around randomly. Yesterday I got a random text from someone at my church saying: "U are in my prayers today."

How did they know that I needed that right at that moment?

This morning someone wrote this on my Facebook wall: "I appreciate your fervor, your light heartedness, your creativity, and your strength. I know that whomever you come in contact with today, you will do nothing 
but try to leave them with a smile. Thank you for being a constant sunshine."

I haven't talked to that person in a long time, unfortunately. But again... how did they know that was what I needed???

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I've been quoting LaurenNicoleLove a lot lately. I've never met her, but I feel like God put her blog into my lap at the perfect time.

The title of my blog is Love Woke Me Up This Morning. I got the idea from the song "Dreamer" by Bethany Dillon. She's a Christian singer/songwriter and she wrote the song for the movie "Dreamer" that's about a horse. To be perfectly honest, I don't listen to her very often, and I've only seen the movie once. It was cute. But I LOVE the song. Here's the music video:

"Love woke me up this morning."

Since I'm on this whole honesty kick, I admit that more often than not I don't remember that it's Love that wakes me up every morning. More often than not, I don't remember that Love is what is around me every moment of every day. I just don't. Sometimes Love needs to hit me in the face in order for me to wake up.

So, I think God is working on me getting out of my funk. Bringing me back up. Drawing me back to Him and His Word.

Music a lot of times helps with this. So I made a playlist on my ipod called "When I Need Focus."

Some highlights (other than the song "Dreamer"):

Breathing- Lifehouse
Dare You To Move & Learning to Breathe- Switchfoot
Everything- Lifehouse
Grace and Love- Kutless
Rock of Ages (and other hymns)- Ascend the Hill
Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
Hidden Away- Josh Groban
How He Loves- The BigStuf Band
I Need You to Love Me- Barlow Girl
Imagine- Glee Cast
It's the Heart That Matters Most- Charlotte Church
Love Song- Third Day
Martyr's Song- Todd Agnew
My Desire- Jeremy Camp
My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson
Not Alone- Darren Criss
Oh My God & Waiting for the World to Fall- Jars of Clay
Who Am I- Casting Crowns
One- U2
Papa Can You Hear Me- Glee Cast
Seasons of Love- Rent Soundtrack
Smile- Charlie Chaplin
Who Am I Living For?- Katy Perry
Wunderkind- Alanis Morissette

What about you? What do you do when you get in a funk? What music do you listen to? What helps you get out of it?


  1. I found you're blog from :)

    I really love your song list. And the fact that there is more than one Glee song on it!

    Anyways, I'm glad I found your blog, I love your writing!

  2. when I'm in a funk I'm in prayer throughout the whole thing 24/7 just talking to God and meditating on the truth. I also seek Godly women and my sisters and brothers in Christ (if appropriate) to get wisdom or a word on the funk spell. Attending church regularly I feel helps keep funks at bay as well. It strengthens us as believers in our walk with Jesus to become resilient and to stand through these trials knowing we will only come stronger..

    MOST IMPORTANTLY OPEN HIS WORD!!! I don't always do this perfectly sometimes I just whallow in the self pity and sadness or whatever it feels like but He speaks so profoundly to our every need through his word hun!!

    Loving your blog. Draw near to the Lord our God and He will always draw near to you!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing this list. It reminded me of some songs that I used to rely heavily upon, including some from Lifehouse and Learning to Breath by Switchfoot. What a simple, raw, honest song. Much like this post.

    Sometimes I feel like I live in the funk. Most days, though, I can see just far I've come. :)


  4. I can relate to being tired. I have to live away from my husband for the next 1 1/2 years, so that I can finish school. But whenever I'm about to quit or give up, God always sends someone to say, "What you're doing is commendable" or "You work so hard." God is good and he knows exactly what we need to keep us going =) Hang in there!


  5. Hey nice post ;) I like short post...

  6. Hi,
    Was reading your post ... and we all have those weeks where 'enough is enough' and we tend to just blow up at someone special who probably didn't deserve it in the first place. Makes you wonder why is it so easy for us to get mad at our loved ones rather than to take out aggression on the people who really drive you crazy?


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