Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Problem with Christian Pop Culture

Last year, I read the book AD 30 by Ted Dekker for a book review.  I loved it! Then, a couple months ago I was emailed about reviewing the sequel which is coming out later this year, as well as the novella version of AD 30 in anticipation of it. Since I had loved the original so much, naturally, I said yes.

Although, in my head it was more like...

They sent me the ebook version of the novella right away so I could get to reading.

Released August 4, 2015

I'm going to be completely honest ... I'm so disappointed.

What I love about Ted Dekker is he's a Christian writer, but he's not like a Christian writer. You know, full of thin plots and characters with a bit of Jesus thrown in. He writes. I mean, really writes. His stories are full of intrigue and action, his characters have depth, and his discussions on faith are deep and intense, but done in a way which isn't preachy. 

The abridged version of AD 30 took away all of that. I couldn't even get 25% of the way through it. The story was stripped down to it's bare bones and dumbed down.

I'm sure the purpose was to get hype for the next book and to get a shorter version so people weren't so intimidated by how big the book was. But that didn't need to happen. Yes, I understand big books can be intimidating. But do you know what else is a big book?

Game of Thrones. 

Have people stopped reading that?


Harry Potter.

Have people stopped reading those?


Lord of the Rings.

And wait... people are still reading those too!

Outlander anyone...?

Granted, these are all fantasy. But still. People are willing to read big books as long as they're good.

I feel like this happens over and over in Christian pop culture. Our movies, books, music, etc. Something can be truly great, but then it gets watered down "for the masses" and to become "more appealing" when it doesn't need to be. AD 30 is an amazing book, and I truly feel even people who aren't Christian would enjoy it because it's a good story. Because Ted Dekker is an awesome writer. 

I am excited for the sequel, AD 33. It's going to be awesome because the original book was awesome. Don't worry about the abridged, just read the original. 

Basically, if it's not broke, don't fix it.

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  1. I totally agree with this! I can't tell if people think Christians are stupid, and NEED things watered down. Or if they think we are dumb enough to buy anything just because it says "Christian/God/Jesus" on it...which most of the time we (as a group) are.


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