Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yesterday Was Tuesday, Right?

Working at a hotel I've learned, really messes up your schedule.

The times when everyone else is off work, I have to work. When I'm off, everyone else is at work. Getting off early for me means I get out on time at 11pm. Weekends no longer exist because hotels are open (and very busy) on the weekends. Especially in the summer. Hello, wedding and family reunion season! Saturdays become Mondays and Mondays are a welcome breather.

Basically, this is a really long way of saying I had totally forgotten today was Wednesday. Between work and getting reading for VEDA (SIGN UP HERE!), what day of the week I was on completely left my brain making me feel like Sam Winchester.

Only... it isn't Tuesday anymore. It's Wednesday. 

I'm just confused. 

Next week guys. NEXT WEEK I will have a for real actual blog post up. 

In the meantime... how are you? Tell me about life! Do you get as confused about what day it is as I do? Maybe I need to get back to my old job at the preschool so I can have calendar time every day so I can learn the days of the week again. 

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