Monday, October 27, 2014

Look! It's So Pretty!

Oh, hi there! What's up? How's life? We haven't caught up in forever! Tell me about you. What's going on with you.

Oh, me? What's new with me?

Not a whole lot. You know... same old same old.

Unless you count...

MY NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it sooooooo pretty? (If you are reading this through an email or a reader then come visit the actual site so you can see it too!) I can't get enough of it. FOREVER ago my bloggy friend Sarah and I had started talking about her redoing my blog for me and we started to throw around ideas. Then life happened. We both quit our jobs, moved to new states, and started our lives over again. We messaged back and forth a bit still planning and plotting, but we just never got around to the actual redesign. Then a couple of weeks ago Sarah emailed me and was like "LET'S DO THIS!" So we did and I couldn't be happier! It's even different than we had first imagined and SO MUCH BETTER It looks more professional but also uniquely me.

Feel free to poke around, explore, etc. I'll be updating the site as time goes on such as putting new content in the "About Me" page and things like that. So pardon my dust as those details get changed around. But beyond that - the new blog layout is here! If you have any questions on where to find something just let me know!

Thank you SO MUCH Sarah for all of your patience and hard work! If you like what you see, you should check out her design page by clicking here. She not only does blog design, but also makes the cutest prints and cards EVER.

Now, moving onto Music Monday!

Do you know what's awesome about today? (Other than my new design of course.) Taylor Swift's new album just released! It's already on my iPad and it's downloading to my computer as we speak. Or... type.

I'm not going to claim I'm a die hard Taylor Swift fan. I have two of her albums and they rotate in and out of my iPod depending on if I'm in the mood for her music. I'll be honest, I had but drama back in the day and Fearless got me through it.

 I have been SO EXCITED for her new album. I even got some cool points over at the extended care where I work for playing "Shake it Off" on my ukulele. I'm definitely going to be jamming out to 1989 on my way to work this morning.

So... in honor of Miss Swift, here's "Shake it Off!"

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  1. Ooh, I like the new design! Very pretty.

  2. Very pretty, but still readable, which is eminently important in blog design. :)

  3. Thank YOU for all your patience! So glad we finally got it all up and running and that you love it! :)

  4. I love the skyline! Absolutely fabulous.

  5. I feel the same way about Taylor Swift. Sometimes, her music is spot on. Other times, it seems to be so much drama.


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