Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yes, I Am Alive

What? What is this place? My blog?

::blows dust off of the keyboard::

::blinks into the light of the screen::

The only excuse I can think of is that I'm still recovering from a sever case of sister's wedding hangover. (Not a REAL hangover - you know what I mean. Besides, having a real hangover for a week and a half would be the worst thing ever.) I also have been pretty busy. So... today I'm just going to give you a quick update about my life and what I've been into and thinking about lately. Don't worry- a for real post will be coming up soon. I promise.


Life at the preschool continues to be ridiculous, crazy, full of screaming children, but also still adorable. We have a couple of new two year olds this year who are adorable and have become my buddies. They're sweet but also a handful.

I also have been working at the extended care at an elementary school which is too is crazy, ridiculous, full of screaming children, and a few adorable moments. Especially when they are super bummed that it's my sister who got married and not me.

But beyond those two jobs (they're only part time and I got bills to pay yo!) I decided to try my hand at freelancing. I've only gotten a couple of small jobs so far which kind of make me feel like a sell out- but it's pretty awesome to know people are actually willing to pay me for writing. I'm hoping it can only go up from here.


Naturally - there is a lot of reading going on in my life. I recently finished an eARC book called The Tone Poet whose review will be up soon!

I've been into the Maze Runner series lately as well. It's not the greatest series ever, but I'm invested now and I HAVE TO HAVE THE ANSWERS TO ALL OF THE QUESTIONS.

My newest favorite book series though is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. While I know they aren't really new, but they're new to me and WOW I can't believe I haven't discovered these books before now. I love how they take place in Chicago, Dresden is HILARIOUS, and it moves fast. It's really fun.

What's really exciting about my reading life right now though is my new book club on Facebook called The Book Worms. We just completed our first month and read Firestarter by Stephen King. For October we're reading Warm Bodies by Issac Marion and AH! it's so much fun! If you want to join the club click here.

The Internet

So... I have finally discovered Tyler Oakley. I've heard about him all over the Internet. But then - BUT THEN a friend of mine posted this video of him interviewing Darren Criss. TYLER OAKLEY IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. I've become obsessed and trying to watch his videos and he has a new podcast called Psychobabble which I listen to every single week on the way to work. It's the best thing ever and all of you need to watch/listen so I can have people to talk to about them. Awesome. I'm glad we had this talk.

I also have been loving Carrie Hope Fletcher. She really is one of my favorite YouTubers. She's so sweet, has a fantastic voice, loves Disney, is playing Epoinine in London, and is the one who inspired me to play the ukulele.

As for blogs I've been loving lately...









TV and Movies

Like the rest of the world - I went and saw Gone Girl this weekend. It was good! It was a good adaptation of the novel. But that's not why I was excited to see it. I was excited because it was filmed WHERE I LIVED IN MISSOURI. That whole opening scene? Yeah, I walked those streets ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I even saw a couple of actors who played extras. It was pretty awesome.

For TV I'm catching up on The Originals and The Vampire Diaries  and Supernatural. But I love the new shows A to Z, Selfie, and Forever. 

Things I've Been Thinking About

It's October which means ... NaNoWriMo starts next month! This week I got many of my characters named and it's pretty exciting. Stay tuned for some NaNoWriMo prep posts coming up in the next few weeks. Now if only the official website would get it together and launch for the year...

One of my favorite bloggers, Love Addict NYC, a couple of months ago started a daily email. It's just a few paragraphs to help and encourage her readers and it's the best thing ever. I look forward to reading it every single day and I'm always thinking "I could totally do that." Then I remembered - I kind of tried to already. I have a box on the right side of my blog where you can sign up for an email - but I have never sent one out. Ever. How awful is that?

So... I've been wondering. Is that a thing you all would be interested in?

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  1. 1) Yay, being alive!

    2) I love that you acknowledge that a series isn't the best but you still have to finish. I will read 20 crappy books if they are a series, I just HAVE to know how it ends.

  2. I am totally pumped for NaNoWriMo!

  3. i've been blog slacking too so i totally understand! and i read gone girl so i'm hoping to see it soon!

  4. i'm trying to get into vampire diaries again but i get soo annoyed with elena. she was really annoying before but now she just cries through the whole damn show i can't even handle it!


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