Monday, August 18, 2014

Rising Star

Does anyone else watch the TV show Rising Star? It's another music competition but what's different about it is that you vote for the singers live through an app. It's pretty fun.

Well, next week is the season finale and there is one singer who I LOVE name dJesseand I hope he wins. (Although the others are excellent too.) He sings old rock music and when you first hear him talk you'd never expect him to have the power house voice he has because he's so soft spoken. But the moment he has a guitar and gets onstage it's a whole other story. He did this awesome cover of Michael Jackson's "Bille Jean." 

If you want to watch, here's the link to his performance:

What music are you listening to right now? Link up with Music Monday and let me know Sorry it's such a short post today. I had to go to Indiana for some family stuff, but I'll be back home tomorrow!

I'm working on finishing American Gods by Neil Gaiman and I only have about 120 pages left! So I'll finish it today and get going on my next one!