Friday, March 7, 2014

5 Things I Won't Blog About

I just have to say - praise the Lord for other bloggers. I was sitting here this afternoon wondering what I should blog about. This tends to happen a lot on Fridays. Does this seem to be a problem for anyone else? By the time Friday rolls around I'm completely exhausted and don't want to write or think of any sort of creative topic. I just... don't. When I had this dilemma today, I decided to check out other blogs to see what they were writing about today. Then... I found Erin's post for today. (Read it here!) THEN I saw ANOTHER blogger, Rachel, steal that idea and she wrote it too. (Read it here!) Naturally, I'm jumping on the band wagon.

Which... where did that phrase come from anyways? For reals. Anyways.

5 Things I Won't Blog About

While I, along with other bloggers, try to be as authentic and real as possible, there are still some limits to what we'll write about.

1) Personal family and friend business. 
We all have dirty laundry - but I'm not going to share it all with the internet. Even some of the clean laundry. One, it's not anyone else's business. Two, it's not always my story to tell. Even things that aren't bad, but are maybe sacred. I keep it in the family.

2) Politics.
This seems to be one a lot of bloggers won't write about, which I'm glad for. First of all, I don't know much about politics enough to feel like I can talk about them. Second, I just don't enjoy discussing politics. There are so many different points of views and opinions and theories and philosophies, and I think most of them have valid points. But people tend to get really dirty and ugly when talking about it, and I feel like I have no business adding to the noise that is already out there. I try to stay informed, form my opinions, vote, and do my best to be a good citizen.

3) Insulting other people.
Yeah, I might have the occasional rant. However, being outright mean and dramatic about someone on the internet is just rude and inconsiderate.

4) Cooking and DIY.
Do any of you know me? I'm an awful cook (when I do share cooking on the blog, it's my disasters) and when I see DIY stuff on Pinterest my usual reaction is "I can just buy that at Target."

5) Ranting on other faiths and religions.
I'm not ashamed of my faith and how important it is in my life. People who know me know it's part of who I am, and even those who don't agree with me seem to respect it. However, I also never want to be a blogger who is in your face, preachy, putting down other people's beliefs, or anything like that. I will never be ashamed to say what I believe is true, but I also want this to be a place where people know I'll listen to their opinions. I want people to feel free to ask questions, discuss, and share what they think without the fear of being insulted and judged. Also - if I ever do say something which hurts someone else, it's not intentional, and PLEASE email me or send me a private message to tell me so. That way, I can correct my actions and not do it again.

What are some things you'll never put on the internet?

Today's Love Sighting:

This afternoon, preschooler John came up to me while in the gym. He said "Guess what? Did you know my dad is Superman????"

UGH melt my heart. And I'll tell you - this kid loves his dad. They're the most adorable pair I've ever seen in my life.


  1. Great topic, there are things I won't blog about, like I have shied away from discussing religion on the blog. There is a vague outline in my head for a post about why I am that unsure about it all but who knows if it will ever see the light of day.
    I did, however, write about my family and mostly my Mom quite extensively. My blog is where I come to process things and it was my only place I could put all those fears and feelings and thoughts.
    Politics also appear from time to time. Well, The West Wing is one of my favourite shows and every election cycle I get very rage-y and that rage needs to go some place. Though it's not like I blog about it all the time.

    Things I'll never blog about is DIY and make up. Nope, nope, nope, not my part of the internets.

    1. Hahaha I hear ya! And depending on the family situation I will blog about it. If I think it'll actually be helpful to my readers understanding me or help them in situations they might relate to, then I'll see if I can find a way to blog about that stuff. But some of the other nitty-gritty stuff... nope. And I share my faith all of the time, but I always hope it's in a way where even if people aren't Christian, they'll still be open to listening and feel to share their thoughts too. For awhile I was shying away from it because my job and my faith were directly linked and because people in my synod and congregation members read my blog, I had to be SO SO careful about what I wrote. I'm still coming out that.

  2. i won't blog about politics unless it's to make fun of our crack smoking alcoholic idiot mayor who was on jimmy kimmel a few nights ago. i care zero about politics!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I love your list of what you will never blog about! All smart choices by the way, hehe.

  4. I try to stay away from anything super personal and politics too!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  5. I'm right there with you on all of these - minus number four. :-)


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