Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday with Tash

Hi, I’m Tash from One Broke Girl. I’m a 20 something living in Western Australia. I live in such a beautiful state, although there’s not much to do here. I live about 5 minutes drive to the beach and only 2 minutes to two excellent shopping malls (lets be practical here people – shopping matters).

When I first started out on my journey of weight loss on June 28th, 2013 all I could see was the road ahead and how far away my goal looked. Losing 116 pounds was a daunting task and I wasn't looking forward to it. However, I learnt early on to set yourself little goals and celebrate when you achieve them.

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Like in the first two weeks when I lost 4 pounds, gosh I was so excited I just had to get someone to take a photo of me. I then set myself small 10 pound increment goals. I found it really easy to look at reaching another 10 pounds than looking at my overall goal and being like, well I still have 50 pounds to lose.

I have now lost over 80 pounds. To help keep the motivation alive I take regular progress photos, I also have a F I T board on Pinterest where I go if I am lacking the inspiration to keep going.

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I’ve also started focusing on getting fit rather than losing weight. Because you can still be skinny and unfit. Working out gives me a sense of empowerment and in a way I become my own inspiration and motivation. If I can walk that 5 km then I can certainly aim for 6 km next time, or even a run.

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If you’re looking for lose weight, or get fit I suggest finding yourself a nice planner and start scheduling in your workout times like you would anything else, but don’t forget to be flexible with yourself. It’s easy to cancel a workout because you were running five minutes late and you give yourself the excuse that you already missed the start of your ‘appointment to work out’. No excuses, just do it!

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  1. i'm all about planning your workouts. i make a workout calendar for the month and hang that up. that way, i don't have to figure out what i need to do the next day. it really does help with keeping yourself on track

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

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