Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old and New Friends

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today, I would love to introduce you to my two sponsors this month. They are AMAZING ladies. To get to know them a bit better, I asked each of them to send me a short bio of themselves and to answer a few summer questions.

My first sponsor for July is Alexandra. She is one of the newest members of Love Woke Me Up This Morning and I have just ADORED getting to know her lately. We've had a pretty long email conversation going the last couple of weeks and have now exchanged numbers so we can text. Don't you love making new friends?

Hey! I’m Alexandra Anne =) I’m that crazy girl who sings opera, shoots rifles, dances in the kitchen (while cooking ), reads literature (and sometimes create my own), and writes at This Journey of Journeys

How would some of your closest friends describe you? Energetic, loving, dorky, fun.

What is your favorite "go - to" summer snack? I love me some fresh fruit, and we have strawberries and blueberries right now =) Summer has the best fresh goods!

What is one thing you have become obsessed with this summer? Funnily enough...blogs! I have more time to write, and to find new blogs (and make new friends!).

Describe your dream summer vacation. Because I'm a dork, I could go in two directions: One, spend a whole month to myself with nothing but books and music and forgetting the whole world. Or, spend it on an island with my closest friends all having fun swimming, biking, and enjoying the beach. 

Contact: I love to make new friends! You can follow me on Twitter at AlexandraAnne27, or shoot me an email at chandelier27aaa@gmail.com =) 

Next, I would like to introduce you to ANGIE!!!!! She was my first blog swap partner actually and was the one who gave me the idea. But since we share a birthday month (yay July babies!) we decided to swap again. Angie is one of the sweetest people and you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE her. What I love the most about Angie is that we have some VERY VERY VERY different views and beliefs, but we can share them with each other and really respect one another's opinions. It makes my heart smile. 

I'm Angie, a 22-almost-23-year-old girl living in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen; our two kitty babies Wedge and Mau and our feather baby, Jango!

How would some of your closest friends describe you? Friendly, Bubbly, Inspirational, a Little Crazy, In Love.

What is your favorite "go - to" summer snack?
I love ice cream, haha. Especially these new Reese's frozen peanut butter cups I bought ( they're about the size of my hand!) So good. I also love fresh fruit dipped in vanilla bean yogurt.

What is one thing you have become obsessed with this summer?
African print clothing, wooden jewelry, SWIMMING! and biking.

Describe your dream summer vacation.
Jen, myself, our pets if possible (not sure how that would work with a birdie!) in a big (like three room) tent, with a bunch of camp food, some beer and a board game, metal detectors, art journal stuff, etc. on a week long or longer camping trip somewhere beautiful (like Antelope Island.) Animal sight-seeing, picture taking and hiking would be involved.

Blog: http://www.lariatsandlavender.com/
Twitter: @AngieBailey13
Pinterest: AngieBailey13
Better Blogger Network: Angie Bailey
Good Reads: Angie Bailey

Be sure to keep an eye out because both ladies have offered to guest blog for July's theme: "Words to Live By." I can't wait to hear what they have to say!

Interested in writing for this months theme or sponsoring next month? Email me at lovewokemeupthismorning@gmail.com

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