Monday, July 16, 2012

Random Stuff About Me- In a Video!

Kirstie, of A Succession of Busy Nothings, tagged me in an 11 Facts/11 Questions meme. So - here you go! Also, as I was editing this video I realized that I seem very flighty/valley-girl/obnoxious in this. I have no idea what was going on with that. Like... the hair flipping and the way I'm talking. Crazy. I must have been in a weird mood. So I apologize now.

AND... here are my 11 questions for all of YOU! Feel free to answer them in the comments, or make your own video blog!

1) What is the latest book you have read/are currently reading?
2) Worst story you've ever heard/read/seen?
3) One thing you think people between ages 22 and 30 need to hear/know?
4) Tell me your favorite wedding story.
5) If you could have one pet in all of the universe(s) what would it be?
6) If you could take out ANYONE for coffee and pick their brain for a few hours (real or imaginary), who would it be?
7) What is your favorite board game?
8) What is one thing that you wish you were better at?
9) Name one thing about yourself that you never want to change.
10) Who is your favorite Disney character?
11) What band/singer are you currently obsessed with?


  1. Okay, SO. I *finally* got around to watching this, because my internet is functioning again, and I love the CRAP out of you for winking when you talked about inviting the Doctor to your dinner party.

    Also, you probably don't know who Tony Abbott and Lara Bingle are because they're Australian. (Oh, and yes - you said her name right) Tony Abbott is the leader of our equivalent of the Republican Party, and he's vile. Lara Bingle was in those "please come visit Australia, we need your money" ads that had the catch phrase "Where the bloody hell are you?". She ended up engaged to a cricketer for a few years, and now has her own reality TV show about her trying to become famous outside of Australia. It's TERRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE.

    How was seeing dead bodies every day not traumatic?????? I mean, I guess you get used to it. But O.o

    1. Yeah... it really wasn't traumatic. I was just used to it. I like to freak people out by saying "I see dead people. No, seriously. I see dead people in my house everyday."


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