Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Part Where You Get To Peek Into My Brain

I decided as I was driving up to Chicago this past week to give you all a look into what I think about as I drive.

Beware -

It's a bit scary.

Also, I know I promised I would announce my monthly theme. It IS coming. However, if you want to start thinking about your guest posts - please do! The theme is "The Secret Place." I'll be publishing my post soon, but feel free to interpret that theme however you wish to!

I also am still needing a sponsor swap partner for May! :D

There is so much more crazy that I could have put in here... but I figured it was long enough. 


  1. "and that means i go to weddings all the time" so freaking true.

  2. Okay, I officially love you for that "And none for Gretchen Wieners" at the end of the credits. Also, if you don't cry at the end of Doctor Who season 2, YOU HAVE NO SOUL. Just saying. So yeah, it's totally fine. By which I mean "I also get really overinvested in TV shows and movies and cry like a baby."

    Also, I think you're thinking of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro?
    Also also, I downloaded the full Phantom soundtrack yesterday, and when I clicked on "Purchase this album", I was like "I have to remember to tell Emmy about this. She'll approve."

    1. I'm glad someone appreciated that. :) And... I realized it was in Rio after I made the video. But it's so confusing because I remember a very dramatic scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet by a HUGE Jesus and that's in Italy.


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