Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Flights, 2 Bags, One Me

In two days I leave for NYC.


The Big Apple.

New York, New York.

Which means...


So here is how I decided to pack for my four day trip. I'm a blogger and those are the types of things that we do. We share with the internet the small mundane things in our lives. Then I saw a video that Jas from Smile Big and Pretty posted about packing and it was hilarious and I was all "crap, now her packing post is totally going to be better than mine."

However, I didn't have any other ideas for a blog this week so here we go.

I always worry that I pack too much. While my things never take up much room, I always tend to pack my suitcase to it's absolute maximum and half of it I don't even use. Which is completely ridiculous. My goal for this trip was to be prepared, classy and fashionable (it is NYC after all), but also somewhat minimalistic. Part of this is because I didn't want to check any bags when a small suitcase would suffice - who wants to pay that extra money? I sure don't.

The goal: one small suitcase and a purse.

That's it. Nothing else.

Here's what I came up with.

I wanted to wear clothes that looked good (again, NEW YORK. I don't want to look bad), but were also comfortable. What I was able to do was find items that I could mix and match with. My sweater would go with any of my t-shirts, and any of my t-shirts would work well with either pair of pants or the skirt. My sweatshirt would be comfortable on the plane, but is still somewhat classy because it's from Victoria's Secret.

Items not in the photo:
My favorite TOMS
Other personal items
Cell Phone
Items in my purse
Chargers for camera, iPad, and cell phone

Here's how it all fit into the small suitcase:

Not bad, huh?

How do you all pack for a trip? Did I forget anything?


  1. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR. Can you give me packing lessons?

  2. Wow that's impressive! I forced myself to leave space in my suitcase when I went to NYC because I planned to buy lots of clothes there. It was very very difficult to not overpack like I usually do!

    1. I actually do have some room left in the suitcase - so hopefully if I go shopping I'll be able to fit things in there!

  3. Don't know. That bag looks awful close in violating the "Emily Rule"

    1. This suitcase happens to be as tall as my hips - which means for everyone else it's like as tall as their knees. LOL. And it fits the guidelines for American Airlines carry-on regulations. :D

  4. That's very impressive packing!! And I did much the same as Loz and forced myself to leave a ton of space in my suitcase for clothes and souvenirs. Also? You need to see this: Just because.

    1. Thank you!

      And that video is AWESOME! And so true. Also- I feel like she has a similar relationship with her dogs as I do with Bandit. Cause small dogs are awesome like that. Bandit needs a superhero outfit.

  5. that is INCREDIBLE. you should become my personal packer. I hate packing.

    1. LOL. Thanks! Usually I pack my suitcase SUPER tight and have one that's a bit bigger. So this time I was determined to not over-pack. Although now after making this post I have a few things in my head that I forgot (like a bathing suit in case the hotel has a pool...). But I'm totally willing to help other people pack! I hate packing for things like moving and such. But for vacations- bring it on! It's fun because you're just so excited to go!

  6. Um, I am totally jealous of your packing skills...just saying! :) I also wouldn't mind being packed in the suitcase either!

  7. I'm impressed. I always pack entirely too much stuff when I go on vacation, because I'm afraid of being so far from home and not having what I need. Also, I can never decide what to I take multiple outfits instead of finding stuff that will mix-and-match. Jealous of how you are able to leave so much stuff behind. Nice going!

    1. I'm the same way, so I was really proud of myself! I like having options for clothes but hate packing so much. So what I picked out clothes that would for the most part coordinate, which meant I could mix and match and make a lot of outfits without as many items. :)


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