Wednesday, March 16, 2011

True Story

So... random fun text conversation I just had with my red-headed BFF about a possible online romance we're following.

Me:  I can't believe I'm so into this.

Read-headed BFF: It's because we don't have love lives of our own. LOL

Me: True story! We just blog about them to make them appear more interesting.

Oh the life of bloggers... isn't this how we ALL feel at times?

And here's the link to red-headed BFF's blog.


  1. I love how this makes us sound like HUGE creepers who have nothing better to do than to internet stalk people. Haha.

  2. It's just like when I blog about sitting on my bed with no pants on and I try to make it sound interesting. This IS the life of bloggers. Not creepy at all, I tell ya. ;)


  3. Meh... it's OK. EVERYONE does it. And I also want to point out, we went from texting, to twitter, to facebook, to blog comments. :)

  4. And thanks Lor! I knew we weren't creepers. LOL.

  5. Um, this sounds a little creepy buy I'm glad your confident enough to say you spy on people lol.


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