Friday, March 6, 2015

Speak Up! | Truth

Good morning lovelies! The wonderful Amber and Annie are hosting their monthly vlog link-up: Speak Up! It happens on the first Friday of each month and they give a topic for bloggers/vloggers to discuss. Usually, it's a word, and you can take it in ANY direction you choose.

This month's topic is: Truth.

Disclaimer: I don't even know if my video makes sense and I have a feeling people could take things the wrong way, and I'm still working out my opinions on some of this stuff. So if you have questions or comments, feel free to ask and comment away and I'll ::hopefully:: answer so I can clarify some things.

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You can link up at Amber's blog by clicking here, or on Annie's blog by clicking here. It also looks like next month's topic is "Celebration!"

I also decided to add this post for Simple Moments Stick, Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop!

My goodness I've been doing a lot of link-ups lately. Thankfully some of them I've been doing are simply me blogging about whatever I want and just adding my post to a list. But still. I'll work on that.


  1. Biblical truth is hard. I've been trying to wrestle with some of it myself lately, since it's not always clear with what spirit or application we're intended to approach and live out what the Bible says. Really all I know is I want to take it seriously, so I'll keep wrestling. I really appreciate your doing that here. I think it's bold and necessary for Christians to admit we don't know everything about our God or His plan or His Word or even our own faith. As long as we keep earnestly seeking, I know He will provide resolution to us, even if it doesn't look the way we expect.

  2. Your sparkling snowflake sweater has me swooning till the cows come home.

    OK. Now to the real things: I've always struggled with biblical truths. I've struggled with the way they are handled so black and white while I feel more created in grays. I remember growing up in the church and feeling like an outcast, like I don't belong because I'm thinking SO DAMN HARD about what everyone else is just accepting without question. UGH. But, I've realized, He loves me so, He loves me gray and white and black all over. And so, I wrestle with the truths, I think hard on them, and know that He still loves my hot mess of a situation. :)


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