Monday, February 23, 2015

Why I Love the Oscars

Ah, the Oscars. It's glitzy, filled with rich celebrities with outfits they'll never wear again, editors and other behind the camera type people we've never heard of, memorial tributes that make us all cry, and bad jokes. But I absolutely love it.

Each year I'm always on the fence about the Oscars. Most of the movies are ones I haven't seen or don't really care about. This year, I watched because of Neil Patrick Harris, two of my favorite British men (Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch), and, of course - a lot of pretty dresses.

Yes, I enjoy watching the red carpet and making commentary on their clothes while I sit in my recliner eating nachos in my sweatpants. SUE ME.

But let's be honest - it's more of me going "Oooooo! Pretty! Can I play dress up too?"

And I wonder why I work at a pre-school sometimes.

Then, as the award show goes on, I remember I watch the Oscars for so many more reasons. I tend to enjoy award shows in general, but none of them (except maybe the Tony Awards) grab me the way the Oscars do.

Each year it has its own highlights such as fabulous opening numbers.

I loved the Into the Woods tie in and how this year it made me think of Broadway. It makes me so happy.

And random moments from celebrities which will forever live in GIF infamy.

But seriously, I'll be using this GIF for years to come I'm sure.

Beyond all of that though, I think there're other reasons I love the Oscars. I love movies and music and great storytelling. I love we can honor those things in our society. Yes, there's a lot of other things Hollywood could be spending their money on. Yes, Hollywood is ridiculous and messed up. Yes, there a lot of bad movies out there. But, there's a lot of good ones out there too.

Even the Oscar hype leading up to it I kind of love. Earlier in the week ABC did a special on 15 movies which changed the way movies are made. I loved it! Even if I didn't agree with each movie, it was fascinating to see people talk about which movies touched them the most and which ones people feel "changed the game." Movies are one of my favorite ways of seeing culture and where the world is and how we've changed in the world. Which ones stand the test of time and which ones we look back and think "wow... that would never fly in Hollywood today!" 

We all have our favorite movie. Everyone loves movies! (Unless your Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect... )

Movies are part of our culture and I think it's okay to recognize what a large role they play in it. I feel like people in the entertainment business aren't always respected. They're well liked - yes. But respected? Not always.

I go to church in a movie theater where the walls are covered with classic movie posters and there's a museum filled with props and costumes. The last couple of weeks they've been promoting praying for Hollywood. They said how so many times Christians complain about Hollywood and what they're putting out there in the world, and instead we should pray for them. Which is awesome. 

But when I sit there in the theater and look around me, I can't help but think of how great Hollywood can be. How most "Christian" movies I really don't enjoy because they have bad theology and even worse acting and story lines. Honestly - I think that brings more dishonor to God. More often than not, I see God in the movies Hollywood brings out (even if they don't intend it that way) than in the ones "Christians" produce. I love that we can honor and respect people who create wonderful things.

Even when I haven't seen 90% of the movies honored at the Oscars, I still find myself appreciating their art and the hard work put into them. How the writers and producers and directors and editors and actors sometimes put everything into their work and push the limits of what they can do and what is allowed and keep on getting new ideas. I firmly believe creating is a holy act. The entire Bible begins with God being creative and we are made in his image. Doesn't that mean we're created to be able to be creative too?

I love how when you look at the Oscars you can see where we are as a culture and what is happening in the world. History plays out before your eyes during the Oscars. I mean, I still tear up when I hear clips of Halle Berry's oscar speech because it was such a huge moment in the history of Hollywood.

I love seeing people who we didn't really know or care about get their moment in the spotlight bringing us all to tears and appreciating what they are saying and what they stand for. 

"Stay weird."

I love it when my favorite actors who have worked so hard and have done so many fabulous performances get the recognition they deserve and bumble like an adorable idiot because they're so overwhelmed. 

I love seeing performers I love shocking everyone by KILLING IT and being hugged and recognized by a legend. 

I love when everyone in the audience and at home are tearing up over moving performances and speeches because just for a moment we think about things that matter.

And of course... Lego Oscars.

Do you love this award show as much as I do? What were your favorite moments?

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  1. Excellent tribute Emily. I even like the memorial part when we remember those careers and faces we have not seen for awhile.

  2. What a great outlook. I haven't watched award shows in years, I used to love them. I think the pageantry of it can be fun, but the awards themselves are usually not logical to me (and, I just don't want to see Kanye). You hit some great points as to the overall appeal of them though. And I definitely agree that entertainment is important.


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