Friday, August 3, 2012

Fridays Letters


Dear Teenagers- How is it that after spending 24/7 with you all last week that I'm still not tired of you? Seriously. You were the best group I've ever taken on a trip and I'm loving seeing how your friendships have grown with each other and how they are lasting even beyond Chicago. God did amazing things through you last week!

Dear Mom and Natalie- The youth LOVE LOVE LOVE you and I think they miss you! (And I do too.) Thank you for everything you did for VBS last week and letting us invade the house every night for showers.

Dear Eric and George- You were such AMAZING volunteers for the Chicago trip last week. It's awesome being able to see other adults connect with the teenagers.

Dear Steve and Andrea- YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED A WEEK FROM TOMORROW! HOLY CRAP! It's going to be awesome and next weekend will definitely be interesting. Also, Steve, I think I broke my WiFi. Wanna come fix it for me now that you're back in the state?

Dear Laura- Thanks for being my date next weekend. It's gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME.

Dear Bandit- I'm so glad I'm home cause now I get to see you everyday.

Dear Holly and AJ- I'm REALLY going to work on memorizing my lines over the weekend. I promise.

Dear Summer- Now that school around here is starting in less than two weeks, I'm ready for you to be over. Bring on fall!

Dear Charter- I would LOVE for my cable to be working properly again so I can watch the rest of the Olympics. 

Dear Chicago- I miss you.

Dear Julie- Phone date this weekend! We need to catch up on life since I wasn't able to see you while in Chicago last week. 

Dear Robyn- Thank you so much for watching Bandit next weekend while I'm in St. Louis! You are such a good friend and I can't wait to hang out on Sunday.

Dear Kellie- Seriously, I feel like A TON has happened in your life lately and I want to hear all about it! I also want to meet your new dog. Coffee/cooking date soon? Yes?

Dear Starbucks Baristas- Thank you for putting your wonderful messages on my coffee cups whenever I'm there and being so happy when I decide to make the store my living room for four hours. Feel free to stop by my table when you're on break so we can chat. 


  1. Hi love! found your sweet bog through the link up :)

    Happy a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  2. Hehe, now I want to make Starbucks my living room for hours.
    Sounds like you've had an awesome summer! :)

    1. Yeah... my internet wasn't working when I first got back from Chicago so I sat at Starbucks for about 4 hours, making it my living room. The baristas were all like "Yes! We get to hang out with Emily!" And yeah, it has been a good summer. Busy, but good.


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