Thursday, October 27, 2011

Donny Osmond Is My Favorite

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that one of my favorite Bible stories is one that was an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.


I have been in the musical twice. Once when I was in fourth grade and again my senior year of high school. I still have all of the colors of Joseph's coat memorized. I feel like that's a big achievement, don't you?

For Sierra Nicole's October Blog Challenge this week we were supposed to talk about a Bible character that we relate to the most.

Other than that I wish my life was a musical... Joseph and I really don't have all that much in common. I mean - I've never had older siblings who have tried to kill me. However, the story of Joseph has always stuck with me and been with me ever since I was in the show in 4th grade. It was the first one that came to my mind when I read what the challenge was this week - so I decided to write about it.

The musical is but is not the reason why Joseph is my favorite. It is what first peeked my interest in the story. It even made my sister curious when she was in sixth grade and she went back to Genesis to read the story for herself. Then when I was in the show my senior year of high school my dad picked up a book about Joseph from the church library for me to read.

When I read through this story I'm always comforted and amazed. Did you know that the phrase "And the Lord was with..." is mentioned more in the story of Joseph than any other in the Bible? How awesome is that?

Joseph went through more than most people do in their lives. He had two (in a way four) mothers who all were competing with each other for who would have the most kids. Then he had jealous older brothers who hated him because his dad gave him a coat. His sister got raped by some creeper. His older brother slept with his daughter-in-law.

Then he almost gets killed when he's 17 and then sold into slavery by his brothers. After that he works as a slave - but thankfully moves up to head of household. Pretty awesome! That doesn't last though. He gets accused of sleeping with the Mrs. (when he wasn't and she was coming onto him) and gets thrown in jail. NOT COOL. Thankfully he gets promoted while in jail to overseeing everyone... but still. Who wants to be in jail?

While he's there he also gets to tell the delightful news to a baker about how his dream foresees his execution. Isn't it fun to be the bearer of bad news? THEN he tells the butler he'll be free. Yet - when the butler is sent free he essentially gives Joseph the finger and forgets about him. Leaving Joseph still in jail.

Years later the butler hears that the Pharoah is having bad dreams he can't interpret. FINALLY he remembers Joseph. Joseph interprets the dream - they're going to have a famine - Joseph becomes Pharoah's right hand man. By this time Joseph is about 30.

That's 13 of crap Joseph had to go through.


That's a long time.

But in the end - he reunites with his family and forgives his brothers.

Say what?

Yup. He forgives his brothers for trying to kill him and selling him into slavery. I don't know about you, but I would have a hard time with that.

Which is why it's such a great story. Perseverance. Forgiveness. Trust. Not to mention all of the other stuff like betrayal, attempted murder, sex scandals, and people in jail. It's the stuff good movies are made out of.

You should read it for yourself. Genesis 37-47. Heck, if you want the back story start at Genesis 25:19. It's long... but pretty amazing.

And go see the musical.

While you're at it... will you please consider guest posting for me next month? It'll be awesome!


  1. I love the Joseph musical! Our high school did it when I was in junior high, and I loved it. My mom gave me her tape of the Donny Osmond version, and I listened to it every night until I'd worn out the tape. I still remember quite a bit of it. :D

  2. Joseph is AMAZING! And I feel like that was our best musical when I was in high school.


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