Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Usual End of Summer Routine

Yesterday morning I met a friend for coffee - at Starbucks naturally. We actually have been there so often together lately that the baristas have compared us to Themla and Louise. Well... without the driving off of a cliff part. We have no desire to do that.


We were sitting at Starbucks and she mentions to me "you haven't blogged in awhile." This is the second time she's mentioned this in about a week or two. I sigh and tell her "I have nothing to blog about. It would just be, I'm tired. I got back from BigStuf, I was tired. I went up to Chicago. I got sick. I slept. I came back to Missouri. I'm still tired."

I also think that the 30 Day Harry Potter Challenge and the guest bloggers spoiled me - I didn't have to think of my own blog topics for two months.

So... that's what I'm going to blog about.

I'm tired.
This happens at the end of every summer. For two or three months I go on youth trips, help with VBS, train teenagers for camp, run lock-ins, and don't sleep. Then when it's time for the teenagers to go back to school (which is now, because Missouri schools start crazy early) I crash. I usually get sick along with this and cough for months afterwards.

Isn't it pretty? Suggestions for names are welcome!
As my conversation with said friend goes on, I mention how in my new car (YES! I got a new car - goodbye PT cruiser!) I have the Glee Vol. 4 CD in it and that's what I've been listening to. It makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. I tell her how I'm trying to fill my life with things that make me happy. Among the things that make me smile that I tell her about is naturally the latest book I've been reading: The Hunger Games. Which ... is a really disturbing book that makes me want to cry but I can't put down.

My friend points out the irony in this.

"That doesn't seem to be very happy."

Well... in a way it is. For me at least.
It's the emotional masochist in me. (A term another friend and I use to describe ourselves quite often. But usually it's about men... but that's another topic for another time.) For some reason, when I'm tired and/or in a bad mood I decide to read a book about people killing each other for a TV show. Yes, it's very uplifting and exactly what I need to put a smile on my face again.


So... that's what I'm working on now. Finding a way to get un-tired (if that's even a phrase) and to make myself smile.

What do you do when you're tired? (Other than sleep.) What things make you happy when you're feeling exhausted with life?

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  1. Oh my lovely friend. I'm sorry you're tired.

    Spa day? Sleep-In-Saturday Morning? Finish reading your book so you can go to sleep at an early hour? :) All of these things might help you.

    Love you, and I'll be praying for REFRESHMENT and ENERGY!! xoxo

  2. THE HUNGER GAMES IS SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. I got through the trilogy and I loved it so much that I read it through again! I'm a complete emotional masochist with books and movies. I have a bad habit of wanting to read/watch things that cause me to burst into tears.

  3. I bought THG and then like two days later bought Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I read M-jay twice that weekend, actually. :)
    It's disturbing, but it also reminds me of Brave New World or Feed in that it could very well be ... not a parody, but that other word. Allegory? Something like that. I don't remember the proper word, but it seems like it's written in a way that could be kind of poking fun at Americans, you know? The whole reality TV stuff, and all of that. It just seems like it's poking fun at our obsession with that kind of stuff to me.
    Collins might not have meant it that way, but it's kind of how I feel.

  4. SATIRE. That's what I meant! Not allegory. Satire. It seems satirical.

    I just had to fix that for my own sanity. XD


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