Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Favorite Things - February

For the past year, at the end of every month I have posted a list of the top 10 songs I've been listening to. 

I think it's time to switch things up. While I love getting music suggestions from people. I've found that I have enjoyed reading/watching people's recommendations about almost EVERYTHING. Not just music. Therefore, I'm going to copy them and do the same thing. We'll see how it goes. I might switch back to just music next month. It all depends on my mood I guess.

On the Internet

I have recently discovered the website "Wonderly." It's hard to explain, but I'll try. Basically it's a site for women who create things on the internet. Kristina Horner is one of the big internet names who is being the whole thing. It's pretty much amazing. I've found a ton of people on there that I'm now subsrcibed to on YouTube and I LOVE reading their blog. Now I just want to jump up and down like an idiot all "Pick me! Notice me! Can I be one of you PLEASE?"

They also just did a launch party in Disney World. Which just solidifies how awesome they are. 

Subscribe to their YouTube chanel as well because soon they'll be adding a Q&A/advice series and a web drama series. SO AWESOME!


Most of February has also has been taken up by The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Almost every other conversation I've had with my friends has been basically us doing this:

Did you watch Lizzie Bennet?




For those of you who don't watch Smash - shame on you. In the most simple of terms, it's Glee for Broadway. But I hate comparing it to Glee. Not that I don't like Glee (you all know I love it!) but it's the closest thing I can compare it to because it's singing and dancing. It's about people on Broadway making a musical about Marilyn Monroe. So basically... me if I were attempting to make it on Broadway. 

If you need more convincing just listen to Jeremy Jordan singing in the season premiere.

Then - my sister got engaged this month! I've decided it's the best excuse to watch re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress.

In The Movies

Thanks to Smash, I'm on a Marilyn Monroe kick and I'm attempting to watch all of her movies. I have watched Bus Stop and Let's Make Love so far.

Bus Stop is basically about a stupid young cowboy who has NO EXPERIENCE with girls, falls in love with Marilyn Monroe's character, and decides she is the one he is going to marry. She's not so keen on the idea. It's hilarious because the entire movie you are watching the cowboy make dumb choices and you're all "Oh sweetie... you really need to stop." Romance and chaos ensue! 

Let's Make Love is about a French billionaire in New York, who, while visiting a local theatre, gets mistaken for being actor auditioning to play himself. (Sorry, that sounds confusing doesn't it?) But since he has fallen in love with Mariyln's character (I see a theme here going...) he decides to go with it. It's hilarious because people are trying to teach him how to play himself and he's paying famous comedians to teach him how to be funny so he can win the girl without money. It's great. More romance and chaos ensue.


Then, thanks to Les Miserables, I'm also on an Eddie Redmayne kick. He's amazing and I've decided to watch all of his movies as well. I've already seen The Other Boleyn Girl, My Week With  Marilyn (ha! See the theme here?), and Pillars of the Earth (the first movie I fell in love with him). This month I watched Hick where he plays a jerk face cowboy. I definitely hated his character - but loved him in a cowboy hat. The movie was really good too. The main character was ADORABLE, wonderful, and definitely a girl who can take care of herself.


In Books

Warm Bodies by Issac Marion was definitely the best book I read in February. Hands down. There were other books I really liked too, but I won't talk about all of those since you all can follow my book reading on GoodReads. So... yeah. Warm Bodies for the win. The movie was also my favorite of them month- but I've spent a lot of time on this blog fan-girling over this story and my movie section was already kinda long. So... yeah.

Games  I've Been Playing

I can't stop playing this stupid game on my iPad! I have no defense for Tiny Tower. I really don't. Kristina Horner recommended it on her channel once and I was all "Okay, I'll give it a go." 37 floors and 70 bitizens later I'm hooked. I CAN'T STOP PLAYING! Basically, you build a tower. Little pixilated characters live in it. You give them jobs and keep your stores stocked. The end. But it's SO ADDICTING.

Music I'm Listening To

Since I've seen the movie Warm Bodies twice now... I've also seen the preview for The Host twice as well. I LOVE the song "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons that's playing during this preview. Just... SO GOOD. It's intense and I feel like if I were training for the Hunger Games, this would be my power song to get me hyped up.

Also... I saw Book of Mormon. So those songs have been running through my head all month. Which I love!

Beauty/Make-Up/Clothes/Accessories I've Been Wearing

I have made a few GREAT buys recently in this department. 

Technically they are January, but it was towards the end of January so I'm putting it in for February. 

First I bought the Eos lip balm. (Another Kristina Horner suggestion from her YouTube chanel.) HOLY CRAP it's amazing. 

1) Because it's this awesome big odd shape that makes it impossible to lose. We girls have issues losing our lip balm so it's perfect.
2) It tastes fantastic. Mine is tangerine.
3) My lips feel so soft and smooth now! It glides on so easily and just... UGH if you have a chapped lip problem like me you need this lip balm.

Then, I decided I wanted to try something new with my eye make up. I did some research online (aka - Pinterest) and found that for blue eyes, silver eyeliner looks really good. So I tried it. 

They were right! Instead of the heavy black eyeliner I've been using, I tried out a silver one and it looks SO PRETTY. My blue eyes stand out way more, but also have a gentler look. Which is awesome. Unless it's like a huge fancy event or something, I don't want intense make up. 

Along with it I got a new eyeshadow pallet I've completely fallen in love with. It's Revlon's Photoready Impressionist pallet. It's really natural looking (again, not a fan of the intense) and the name fits perfectly. It's gentle and sweet and just a tiny hint of sparkle. It looks like a painting. If I'm wearing eye make up beyond mascara, it's probably this.

Food I've Been Eating

Recently, I found out that most chocolate brands are NOT fair trade. Which means, they use child slaves and other inhumane practices to make their products.

While, when I thought about it, it probably shouldn't have shocked me so much. Almost everything we use is not fair trade, which sucks. But this one really bothered me. So I've been making an effort to buy only chocolate that is labeled fair trade. I discovered this:


Holy crap you guys. This was amazing. The other brands I found I loved as well... but this one was SO DELICIOUS. I can't get over it. This week I bought a few more bars at the grocery store. It tastes amazing, is made fairly, AND in the wrapper is a love poem. How cute!

So... sorry for the long post. I guess the moral of the story is, if Kristina Horner tells me I should try something I will, and I love musicals and chocolate and zombie love stories.

What are you loving this month?


  1. I'm personally loving the picture of you in the yellow sunglasses. Totally adorable. I also plan on trying that lip balm, so thanks for the tip!

    1. Haha. Thanks! That's one of my favorites too! And the lip balm is AMAZING. You'll love it!

  2. OMG! I love EOS lip gloss!! It's my favorite :-). This month I've been loving some new hair products. I've been using Dove's mousse and hair spray and my have has volume and shine, yay! On tv I've been loving The Carrie Diaries. And I'm currently reading Warm Bodies :-)

    1. Right? Best lip balm EVER! I might need to try Dove's hair products. I'm noticing my hair isn't as smooth and shiny as I'd like it to be. :( And I've been meaning to watch The Carrie Diaries. Do they still have all of the episodes on the CW website?


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