Friday, November 30, 2012

Music Will Help Me Win!

What? It's the last day of November already?

With all of NaNoWriMo going on ... I've kind of lost track of time. Especially this week since I was OUTRAGEOUSLY BEHIND on my novel and every spare moment has been dedicated to getting my word count up. Once tomorrow hits and I've won NaNoWriMo for the 5th year in a row (losing is not an option) I will be able to dedicate my "free time" to other things. Which include but are not exclusive to:

- Reading books vs. writing them. I learned while reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green... reading during NaNoWriMo is a poor life choice.The list of books I want to read had at least doubled this month.

- Working on Letters Not Sent, the newest project I'm heading up with Nate St. Pierre.

- Finishing decorating my apartment for Christmas and posting photos of said decorations on the blog.

- Actually writing legit blog posts. (Have several ideas for December. Yay!)

- Socializing with the outside world.

- Editing and revising the travesty that is my novel.

- Seeing ALL OF THE MOVIES that are coming out this holiday season,

In the meantime... I'm off to go write at least 4,000 more words. Here are the top 10 songs I've been listening to this month to keep me motivated:

Nothing says "corny inspiration" like a Glee cover of a Celiene Dion song, right? "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" as sung by Lea Michelle

A couple of months ago I "rediscovered" this song by Lady Gaga. HOLY COW. I'm completely in love with this song. "Speechless."

"Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson I think depicts the idea of Beauty and the Beast (my NaNoWriMo story) perfectly. So, this song has been on repeat a lot. 

I got the album Some Nights by fun. this month. AH! It's completely brilliant. You can tell they actually put thought into their album and how they wanted it to be listened to. Go get it right now and just... listen. It's brill.

AH LES MISERABLES!!!!! The movie is in only 25 days!!!!!!! It's a good thing because after seeing it at the Cadilac Palace in Chicago over Thanksgiving, I don't think I would be able to survive without knowing I can go see the movie soon. AMAZING. Let's go see it again! And again... and again...

This band - WOW. I was able to get my hands on VIP tickets to see Gungor a few weeks ago and I took my friend Kelli with me. At first I wasn't sure, since I'm not a huge Christian music fan. But... WOW. This band blew me away. LOVE them.

Once Thanksgiving was over, I "Christmasfied" EVERYTHING. This is my ringtone at the moment. Nothing says Christmas like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

This moment on Glee this season... wow. That's all I can say. "Teenage Dream - Acoustic" as sung by Darren Criss.

The intro to the TV show Partners, which is accompanied by my tears because it's been cancelled after only 6 episodes. SO SAD!

Another song that has been inspiring my writing this month. "Arms" by Christina Perri

What music have you been listening to? If you've been doing NaNoWriMo, what songs have inspired your writing? Will you be joining me in the winners circle today?

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  1. love that version of teenage dream... it almost sounds like how it was supposed to be preformed!


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