Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cause You Know, I Don't Talk About Books Enough

If you're looking for a post on Ash Wednesday... I don't have one. Check out my post from last year.

I wasn't going to do anymore of the 11 Questions Meme thing.

Then Angie tagged me in one...


How could I say no?

Also - I'm out of ideas for posts. So if you have any suggestions (or want to guest post for this month's theme!) let me know.

Once again- I'm not going to do the 11 facts about me, and I'm not going to tag anyone. I'm just going to answer the questions Angie gave- but please let me know how you would have answered the questions in the comments!

1) What book have you read more often than any other?
Harry Potter, naturally. But I feel I need to think of another answer beyond that.

Probably the Christy Miller Series. I've re-read those books so many times I can't even remember how many!

2) Which childhood story affected you the most?
Probably the American Girl books. (My favorite was Molly.) They were really empowering without being obnoxious, and I feel like they are why I love historical fiction so much. I love learning about how other people lived and seeing the differences and similarities between people now and in the past. I also learned to really appreciate our country.

Also - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I mean... I am writing a novel about it after all...

3) What book would you like to see made into a movie?
I would love to see The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern become a movie. However, it would have to be someone who is an absolute creative, genius, visionary. The story is so magical and wonderful- I'm afraid Hollywood would ruin it. However - if it was done right, it would be so visually stimulating. If you can't get the right director and cast and everything - please don't even bother.

Or The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick. I love William Marshal and his story, it would be awesome to see it on the big screen.

4) Do you prefer one genre or do you like a variety?
My favorite genres are Historical Fiction and Fantasy. However - I do read a lot of Christian non-fiction (and some fiction) and other genres too. I don't stick to just one, but the two that I mentioned are my favorites.

5) Which character from a book do you think is the most like you?
I surveyed my friends on Facebook and Twitter for this one. Apparently I am Wicket the Ewok, Meatwood from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Rosie Cottin (Hobbit) from Lord of the Rings, Thumbelina, a house elf, and the paperclip from Microsoft Word 95. Haha, very funny. Although the Hobbit one I don't mind. because she marries Sam, and he's one of my favorite LOTR characters. Also - if I'm ANYONE from Star Wars it's R2D2 because I'm small, make funny noises, and wobble. Come on now.
Then, one of my friends said I am the most like Ginny Weasly from Harry Potter - which I've always felt that. I talk about it in one of my 30 Days of Harry Potter posts.

6) You get sucked into the current book you're reading. What is that book and what is your emotion - happy, sad, scared?
Right now I am re-reading the Hunger Games trilogy and I'm working through Mockingjay. Holy crap - I get really sucked into those books. The first time I read them I cried for a week- but I thought it was just because I had gotten back from BigStuf recently and ALL OF US were unable to handle any of our emotions.

Apparently, BigStuf wasn't the problem. I'm just uber emotional when it comes to the Hunger Games. God help me when I go see the movie.

I have a mixture of emotions. Right now, it's just sadness. On the surface it's sadness because of how much the characters go through.

On a deeper level- it makes me sad for society and humanity. The effects of war. The selfishness of society. How we view violence and pain as entertainment. If one tiny little thing goes wrong we flip out, when people in other countries are starving. The way people's minds work, the good and the bad. It's just - it makes my heart hurt.

But the story is powerful. I promise if you read this trilogy- you aren't going to look at the world the same way ever again.

7) Which author created your favorite world?
I feel lame for saying this because it's my cop-out answer, but JK Rowling and Harry Potter. Of course!

Beyond that - Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus. It's historical - but fantasy. This might be my answer simply because I finished reading it a few weeks ago so it's still fresh in my mind. But it is so amazing. As you read you get completely lost in this world that is our own, but it's not. A place where everything is in black and white, and all is an illusion- or is it? I want a crimson scarf by the way.

8) E-books, physical books, or audio books?
My favorite is physical books. There is nothing like holding a REAL book in your hands and being able to feel it and smell it. Reading is a whole experience.

However, I have come to really appreciate audio books. There are times when I get tired of my iPod or I go on long road trips and audio books really help with that - and it helps you to experience the book in a new way.

I also can see the advantages of e-books. It's inexpensive and you can take your library with you everywhere you go. Also- everyone is going to have to get at least one e-book at some point in their lives because so many authors (especially independent ones) are publishing either exclusively as an e-book or starting with e-books.

9) How many books do you read in a year?
I honestly have no idea! There's too many to count! Especially since I tend to read new books as well as re-read books. I do want to keep better track of my book reading though and I'm starting a list of all of the books that I read in 2012. You can follow along if you like by adding me on Good Reads. :)

10) Describe your favorite character's personality and tell us who that character is.

Selfish, plays mind games, cocky, arrogant, powerful, a tortured soul, intelligent, has a heart when you look hard enough, charming, sexy, the hero/villas, devil, and dubs himself as the "James Bond of Vampires." Of course... Lestat from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

Brave, honorable, gallant, strong, a fighter, kind, thoughtful, respectful, strong, fierce, just, handsome, and noble. Sir William Marshal from Elizabeth Chadwick's The Greatest Knight, The Scarlet Lion, To Defy a King, and For the King's Favor.

Headstrong, temperamental,  her parents daughter all the way, passionate, optimistic, naive at times, and a fighter. Mahelt Marshal (William Marshal's daughter) from Elizabeth Chadwick's To Defy A King. (I also LOVE her husband Hugh Bigod. He is so sweet and strong.)

Brat, likes to slap people in the face, a "man eater", survivor, smart, clever, charming, and selfish. Scarlett O'Hara from Margret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind.

11) Do you prefer reading in a cafe, a library, or at home?
Usually I read at home. It's comfortable and most convenient. If I read only in public places, I probably wouldn't get much reading done! However, I do love curling up in a big chair at a cafe and reading for a few hours. I've tried at the library and it's too quiet for me.

This could very easily be me.


  1. I enjoyed reading about how different our tastes are. I don't do historical pieces. I am more like Chewbacca because I'm tall, furry, and it's hard to understand me when I talk. I dislike audio books, and I can't read in a noisy room.

    But I'm with you on Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and e-books. I love the written word, but I did get a Kindle Fire for Christmas. The Hunger Games were the first 3 books I ever read on it.

    ~Shane Pilgrim

    1. Yeah Chewbacca!

      And yes, our differences are interesting. Glad we agree on Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and written word though. Cause you know - those are the most important things EVER. ;)

  2. I've been running out of space lately, so having my ipad to contain my books has been very helpful for that! Also, I always had a dilemma of trying to read in bed and not being comfortable and having my arms fall asleep and trying to prop the book up without it falling over. It was very frustrating! So in that way my ipad is also much better for reading that way. Having said that though, I'd be pretty sad if books were no longer printed (however I guess it is kind of better for the environment not to use the paper) and book stores had to shut down.

    1. I can see all of those as being advantages to having e-books. One of the things I think about a lot is travel. Whenever I go somewhere I always like to have at least one or two books with me - if not more. That makes for a really heavy suitcase/carry-on! Having all of them on a tablet or something is a lot easier. However, there is something about actual books I just can't get rid of. And I would hate for book stores and such to close! The book store is one of my favorite places to go when I'm stressed out. I can just wander around the shelves looking at all of the stories.

  3. So I just started reading your blog due to my Google search for "supermegafoxyawesomehot" where your post about how you DON'T think AVPM is totally awesome, and you DON'T think Joe Walker is attractive, really made me laugh. Since I love books, I love this post! Also, I just sent you a friend request on GoodReads so I can keep up with your books--you have stellar taste! Hope you don't mind!


    1. Ha! I'm so glad that you liked that post. It was one of my favorites to write. And yes! I'll add you on Good Reads, I've really been loving that website. It helps me to keep track of everything. :D


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