Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Don't Care if it's 95 Degrees- September is Here and I Say it's Fall!

One of the blogs I follow is Life of Meg - and she has the cutest ideas for creating community on her blog and getting people interacting with each other. The most popular one is Mingle Monday where people can leave encouraging comments on other people's blogs as well as leaving the link to their own personal blog.

Her latest idea I could help but share! It's so cute and fun. I hope you follow her blog so you can participate!

It's called: Fall Frenzy!

Because who says that you can only exchange gifts at Christmas?

I love this because fall is my favorite season. While it's still 95 degrees here in Missouri... with September now being here I'm in the mood for autumn - and I love getting things for other people!

Here are Meg's instructions:

.:: Fall Frenzy::.Sign-up, get matched w/ a buddy, shop for your favorite fall must-haves, and swap via mail! 

1) Interested? Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to be elligible.

2) Leave a comment below that includes your first name and e-mail address.

3) Also in your comment leave at least 5-10 "favorites" of yours. 

4) I will send your buddy's e-mail address to you via your provided e-mail address. You then can exchange mailing address information once you're in contact. 

5) Shop for your fall goodies {price max: $20} and send your buddy's gift by September 16th. 

Sign-up closes on Tuesday, September 13th @ Noon (CST)!

So here is the button for the post, and go sign up! Maybe you'll get a gift from me. ;)

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  1. oops! The original button photo I posted is linked to the incorrect post! I just fixed it - so feel free to re-copy and paste the post - it hsould work now!

    Otherwise people will be sent somewhere crazy - so sorry!

    Thanks for spreading the word!


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