Monday, November 29, 2010

Are You Ready For Your Surprise?- Prelude

I'm going to be honest for a moment, and it might sound weird coming from a DCE. But in the past few years I haven't really enjoyed "Christian" music. There are only a handful of "Christian Artists" who I can really sit and listen to for long periods of time. I used to like Christian music a lot. For a few years it was almost all that I listened to. Maybe I went on Christian Radio Overload. Who knows? There are times when I turn to the popular Christian radio station in Cape and I can barely sit through a single song. Now, I don't want to criticize Christan music. If that's what you enjoy, that's awesome. All the more power to you, and again, there are some Christian music artists that I really like.

One of them is Todd Agnew. You may have heard one of his most popular songs "Grace Like Rain." He has a deep rich voice that at times could be compared to Johnny Cash, but with a larger range. He has a distinct sound that once you hear his voice you'll never forget it and you will know almost instantly when a song of his is playing.

Beyond that though, is his lyrics. He is one of the most gifted song writers that I have ever heard. He knows how to dig deeper into his lyrics and really get into the heart of people and the story he is trying to tell.

In 2006 he and a few other musicians released a Christmas album called "Do You See What I See?" The concept is not completely new, until you listen to the CD. Each song is a different character of the Nativity story. You meet  Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, wise men, etc. There are even some that you may not expect such a Simeon, Elizabeth, and even the inn keeper. The idea is "what did the birth of Christ look like to the people experiencing it?" We have over 2,000 years of context and history to look back on the birth of Jesus. Mary, Joseph, the Inn Keeper, and everyone else did not have that privilege. So what did they think? What did they see? What did they feel?

This is one of the greatest Christmas albums I have ever listened to in my life. (Don't worry, Trans Siberian Orchestra and some others come very close.) I've listened to it over and over again ever since it first came out, and I still can't get enough. So I want to share it with all of you. Over the seasons of Advent and Christmas, maybe even Epiphany you'll be seeing more blogs from me. Each one will be dedicated to a different song on the album "Do You See What I See."

Song 1: Prelude- Do You Hear What I Hear?

Unfortunately I was not able to find a you tube video for his version of the classic song. But here is a link where you might be able to download it or at least hear a clip:

Thankfully, this is a song we all know and are familiar with, so I don't need to get into too much detail about the song. But I do want to share with you what is a bit different about his cover...

A star shining in the night how does this look from so high?
A shepherd boy shivering with fright, how does this look to your eyes?
The kings who have come so far and oh so wise, are you ready for your surprise?
And God on high, paying such a price, giving your Son for his pride

I couldn't find the lyrics online, so I hope I typed them correctly. But when you listen to the song, especially at this part, you can tell something big is coming. It's anticipation and leaves you wanting to know what's happening next. It's the idea of Advent. Waiting. When is it going to happen? Which is part of why I love this album. Not many Christmas CDs really capture the heart and the idea of Advent and waiting for the Messiah.

But now... he is coming. He is almost here.

Are you ready?

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