Monday, April 28, 2014

The Woes of Bandit

There have been a lot of changes since Mom and I moved to Chicago. I know she has told everyone about moving here. But now it's my turn. Mom was slow in writing on here today and didn't write at all on Friday! So I am taking over and let me tell you, some of the changes I am not very happy about. Nope nope nope.

First of all, this was the worst winter in my little doggie existence. (Other than the time before I met Mom and lived in a cardboard box outside. That was bad.) But it was so cold! I'm little and don't like that cold. Nope. Not one bit. But Mom still made me go outside AND made me wear a coat. It was really bad. I'm just glad Grandpa had the fireplace on a lot because the Bandito likes it warm. Yes he does.

And by he I mean me.

THEN there's the other doggy. Indy. I like having someone to play with, but she is so wild, and she steals my toys. She also always gets to the door first when Mom gets home and gets petted first. It's not my fault my legs are short and I can't go as fast. I should be petted by Mom first because she's MY mom, not hers.

Speaking of Mom, she works a lot. I think she's home for the day, and then she leaves again. It makes me sads.

Another thing is, there's a cat. Yup. A cat. Peanut. She lives in the basement and lurks by its door all of the time. Mom and I lived with two really mean cats a long time ago, and I learned a valuable lesson. Cats cannot be trusted and are not friends of Bandits. Nope nope nope. Sometimes I see Mom petting Peanut and I watch very carefully. Mom says Peanut is nice, but I see her claws and I know better. So I always watch to be sure Mom doesn't get scratched (cat scratches hurt!) and whenever I see Peanut trying to leave her territory I make sure she goes back in her place. Mom says I'm being mean when I do that and I need to go to cat trauma counseling, but I don't know what that means.

I can almost sense her now as I type. I haven't seen her scratch anything yet, but I know she will someday and I think she's plotting against me. I must keep careful watch. Just writing this is dangerous enough, but I must take care of Moms blog because she loves it and have to put the story straight.

Although... Grandma does have better food. She puts soft food in your bowls every morning and not just the icky dry stuff. She also likes to pet me and always calls me "big boy". It's about time someone understood me. 

And there are a lot of comfy chairs to sit on. I love sits. And Grandpa is very nice and let's me lay next to him when Indy is too wild and Mom isn't home. We watch The Chew, Jeopardy, and Katie Couric everyday. 

I guess Indy isn't THAT BAD either. She steals my toys, but I plays with hers too and she gives me a lot of exercise.

Okay.... And winter is over. Now that it's warmer I can sit in the sun and run in the big yard as long as I want. Mom and I never had a yard before. We don't have a fence, but Mom lets me outside by myself if I have a leash. I've never been able to go out on my own before. 

Fine. I guess moving to Chicago hasn't been too bad. 

But there's still the cat. I must leave now to keep watch until Mom gets home. Then when she's back I can guard her by sitting on her lap during Dancing With the Stars. Even if she does make me dance sometimes. 


  1. Oh my gosh this post made my day! Today was such a "Monday" and this Bandit post was adorable. So creative!

    1. I'm glad it made your day a bit better!

  2. tehe! How cute. Stay away from that cat irrational fear is the best type of fear.


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