Monday, October 11, 2010

Confessions, the Bible, Vampires, and LGBTQ- WOO HOO!

I've been debating writing this post for awhile and for several reasons.

Too risky - what if the people I work with and for don't like what I have to say?

Too "stick it to the man."

Some might view it as "immature and naive."

But I'm feeling brave today. I've had a long, tiring, and fantastic weekend. I got to stay up all Friday night with 30 teenagers.We talked about our struggles, what we believe in, who we can and cannot talk to, pain in our lives, relationships, and other random ridiculous things that make me laugh.  Sunday I was able to hang out with some of these teenagers again talking about music, playing card games, figuring out how to play the "game of life", and planning a red neck wedding. All of these things and recent events in the news and in society make me feel brave.


I am a bad Christian.

It's true. To a lot of people I am probably a terrible Christian. It's something that I like to keep hidden. Personally, I feel like that make sense considering where I work. If word got out that I was a bad Christian... it could potentially be not good for me. But... here goes nothing. Now I just have to figure out where to start....

I don't read my Bible everyday.  
Gasp! I know, it's quite a shocker. There are a lot of days where it's a really big struggle to get my Bible out and read it, if I read it at all beyond getting ready for my next Bible study that I'm leading. Then when I do, more often than not I feel like my heart just isn't in it. Granted, there are a lot of times when I love reading my Bible and it's awesome. But it doesn't happen as often as it should for a "good" Christian. 

I think vampires are awesome.  And I'm not just talking about Twilight. I'm talking about hard core, gruesome, blood sucking killers who don't feel guilty about it, stories about those who walk the night. (And DON'T SPARKLE!) Stuff like Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, and Queen of the Damned. I think Anne Rice is brilliant. I've read every single Sookie Stackhouse book and I'm working through HBO's True Blood. In Jr. High and High School I thought that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the greatest show ever created (next to Boy Meets World). Characters like Angel and Spike make me smile. 

Speaking of books that I like that I probably shouldn't, I have read the His Dark Materials trilogy. (The Golden Compass.) I THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME. The movie wasn't the greatest. But the books were really good. 

There have been times when I've seriously thought about getting a tattoo and/or a random piercing just to see people's reactions. I feel like it would be funny. 

I'm not afraid to touch a guy. I know, I know, I'm soooo scandalous. But a majority of my friends are guys, and I never have and never will have any intention of dating them. So if I'm holding hands or hugging someone of the opposite sex for more than 2 seconds, it doesn't mean I'm dating them. They are probably just a friend of mine that I'm entirely too comfortable with. 

Rent is one of my favorite musicals. I use the song Seasons of Love in devotions. Angel the cross dresser is amazing and I love singing Over the Moon and La Vi Boheme at the top of my lungs. 

Some Sundays I really wish I could just sleep in. My church is great, but sleeping can be too sometimes.

I don't claim to be pro-life. I don't claim to be pro-choice either. I love babies, and I believe every baby should have the chance to live. But I'm not going to judge someone because they had an abortion. You don't know what's going on in their lives and their reasoning for doing what they did.  It's between them and God and I will be there for that person no matter what they decide.

Not every single Christian in the world is Republican. Personally... I don't like to claim a party. 1) I don't know enough about politics to decide. 2) I don't care enough about politics to know enough to decide. Just because someone voted for Obama doesn't mean that they hate Jesus, and just because someone hates Obama doesn't mean they love Jesus. From what I can tell, Jesus didn't really get into politics either. 

Having signs and phone messages in English and in Spanish don't bother me. Yes, it's America. Yes, immigrants should learn English because it would be in their best interest. But you can't learn another language overnight. So in the meantime you need to be able to read and understand what people are saying. Also, the Muslim community has every right to build a mosque in NYC, and just because someone is a Muslim that doesn't mean they are a terrorist. Oh yeah, and Muslim isn't a race it's a RELIGION. It bugs me when people talk about it like it's a nationality when it's not.

I miss having openly gay friends. In high school and college, I had some, and they were fantastic. I fully support the LGBTQ community. It's not always an issue of if it's right or wrong. It's an issue of love. In the eyes of God we are all in need of Christ's love. EVERYONE. So stop judging and start loving. Someone shouldn't be fired or not get a job because of their sexual preference. Teenagers should not be teased and bullied because of something that others might not agree with or understand to the point of suicide. It's just wrong. So stop.

So... there you have it. I'm a bad Christian. If you disagree with me, I'm OK with that. We can have coffee (or tea if you prefer) and we can have an intelligent conversation. It'll be great. 

Today I've been reading through The Ragamuffin Gospel- Visual Edition by Brennan Manning. He talks about how in heaven he believes we will see prostitutes, women who have had abortions, corrupt business men, pastors who have messed up, teenagers who sell themselves, and death bed converts. He says:

"My friends, if that is not good news to you, you have never understood the gospel of grace."

Amen brother.


  1. I love your honesty! Authenticity is in, baby...and you've got it goin' on!

  2. I want to link your post to my blog and sign my name in big bold letters. Your honesty is awesome in the truest sense of the word. No wonder we get along so well as almost everything that makes you bad makes me bad as well and we both revel in GRACE! I am proud to know you, "bad Christian!" Very proud indeed!

  3. I love you for this post. I agree with you on everything. It is "stick it to the man," but that's why I like it. I don't think you should ever be afraid to write a post like this. It's honest, and not sugar-coated. You know how I feel about sugar-coating. Yummy for candy, but not for life. Love you!


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